The Sebastian Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel proper Time

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If are interested in pilot’s watches, you have to go ahead the nearest airshow right now, Regardless of whether your look up over craft in the air, or keeps firmly on wrists, an airshow will give you more of a chance to spot aviation related watches than just about any other place. This setting – Avalon airshow, on the outskirts of Geelong – is where I spotted this dashing Patek Philippe 5524G, AKA the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time.
The dashing Patek Philippe Pilot 5524G Calatrava Travel Time on blue alligator strap.
It’s a watch which Felix and I warmly discussed when it was released several years ago. In general, the top line quote was this: “The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is the watch which confused the most people at Basel world 2015. While the familiar Replica Patek Philippe quality is on the table, so you can see directly, that is pretty much the only thing about this watch people are associating with the name on the dial.” We wondered, not only then, but several times throughout the year, whether it would be worn by real pilots, or by mere earthbound Patek collectors?
The watch’s owner answered the question emphatically , Sebastian, which is not only a pilot, but who is authorised to fly in formation – and has done so with the Australian Roulettes on several occasions. Guess that puts that to rest then pilots do wear Patek. But the first thing I have seem about his watch was the blue alligator strap…

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replica watches

Why did you change the strap?
It not strange to comes with a tan leather strap on it, but it does scuff up pretty easily, so I changed it into the blue alligator and I put the white gold clasp on it, which make it look like a more traditional Patek Philippe clasp. The blue matches the dial and it makes a much more classy watch. That means, you just need to change the bracelet, you almost got a new watch in this way.It vastly changes the look of it.
The back case of the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time ref. 5524G
What number Patek Philippe was this in your collection?
This was the first Patek that I ordered. I’m from an aviation background, so I prefer the fact that it had a little bit larger dial than the normal size, such as 38mm and 39mm, it worked well for me. And it got me into the brand. I’ve bought four since then.

Why the Patek Philippe replica is so addictive?
The extemporaneous interviews you finish acting at air shows! Absolutely no, it is something related with the quality of the craftsmanship and the weight of the watch, together with the factors of company itself, it’s a family established company. I’ve been invited by Patek to make 4 days visiting at the factory in Geneva. What impressed me most is that It’s a wonderful family-owned company and the quality is extremely fantastic, that’s just the Patek.
One of best thing I have with the Patek I own is that a lot of people even have o idea of the watch, because it is just so special. There are many difference with other branded watches I had. In other words, people all know Replica watches, but rarely know what it actually is.