General Introduction of the Fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic

09/01/2018 by Posted in: cheap watchHublotreplica

It seems the first time that the replica Hublot watches is making a unique watch almost filled with bright red ceramic. The new material, which the replica Hublot is calling “vibrantly colored ceramic” is a harder, more color-rich ceramic for which they’ve received a patent. We may meet the kind of material somewhere before, as the bezel of the Ferrari Unico Carbon Red Ceramic, however this is the first time the polished red ceramic is being applied as the main case material for a watch. This version of the brand’s Big Bang Unico chronograph is a limited edition of 500 pieces, even though the replica Hublot is saying that there will be lots of variations on this theme in the future.

This fake watch is all about that bright red ceramic. As for the Hublot, what permits the ceramic to stay so brightly colored is that it is made in a distinguished way that sets the ceramic without burning the added pigment, which would normally dull the color. While I suppose the recent trend toward casing watches in massive blocks of colored sapphire is mostly just a fad, I think colored ceramics and high-strength ceramics have the ability to change the way watches are made long term. Whether or not a vivid red chronograph is your bag or not, this replica watch does have implications that could end up affecting your own watches someday.
In case you had any doubts, this replica watch absolutely isn’t to my personal taste. It’s big, it’s in-your-face, and it’s not ashamed of any of that. That’s not really my thing. However, from a material science standpoint, I really find it really interesting. There’s a lot more out there than just the usual suspects – steel, titanium, gold, platinum, and the like – and even those can be opted and modified in all kinds of funny ways. A brand of replica Hublot’s size and industry stature has the resources to really experiment in this direction, and it’s good to see them pushing thing.